From shallow reef to deep wreck dives – diving with us never gets bored. We show you the beauty of Guadeloupe’s marine environment. In a friendly and personal atmosphere, we take care that each guest feels comfortable and gets the experience he or she is looking for.

Réserve Cousteau

Since 2009 the marine area around the island Pigeon is protected and called “Réserve Cousteau“, in reference to Jacques-Yves Cousteau. The dive pioneer shot parts of its movie “Le Monde de Silence” here and strongly campaigned to protect this maritime treasure. It became a territory classified as the heart of Guadeloupe National Park , it benefits from one of the most important protection status according to the criteria of the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN), where the establishment strives to combine environmental protection with development of economic activities.

With an 20 minute boat ride we reach the “îlets Pigeon”, where beautiful dive spots like “L’Aquarium” or “Le Jardin de Corail” are waiting. More advanced divers can enjoy an impressive drop off or search for hot thermal springs. In honor of captain Cousteau a statue was placed under water and as become a popular spot for divers.

“Our” Wrecks


The cargo vessel Gustavia rests in 40m depth on a sandy bottom. Advanced divers can discover this beautiful wreck. The vessel was sunk in 1989. Since then, colorful corals, sponges and a various marine life settled on the 49 m x 7,50 m wreck, which also became a home for barracudas.

Augustin Fresnel *

The marker buoy vessel rests in 32 m depth. The Augustin Fresnel excites divers with its rooms and decks waiting to be discovered. The ship was sank in 2003.


The former dredge vessel was sunk in 1996 and rests at 23 m depth. The Franjack is perfect to make your first safe wreck dive experience. Its variety of fish, sponges and even turtles makes the Franjack and its engine room a top spot for divers of all levels.

* For this dive spots 2 stars or ADV and min. 6 persons are required

Reefs right around our doorstep

Not only the well known dive spots as the Reserve Cousteau (which is usually very crowded) should be visited. We are very happy that we can offer you a variety of beautiful spots at close range. Short boat rides from 2 to 15 minutes brings you to:

Morphy, North and South: 2 shallow dive spots from 3 meter /10 feet to max 25 meter / 75 feet, rich with corals, fish sponges and a wonderful underwater landscape existing out of 5 reefs, distance; 3 minutes by boat.

Cyril’s reef: Just in front of our harbor, an awesome coral reef in 25 meter / 75 feet (this is an offshore dive) distance 2 minutes by boat.

Baillargent reef: A few meters away from Cyril’s reef, between 21 meter / 70 feet and 27 meter / 90 feet, distance; 2  minutes by boat.

Pointe de Ferry: A shallow labyrinth dive between 3 meter / 10 feet and max 15 meter / 45 feet, rich with colorful sponges and corals distance; 4 minutes by boat.

Anse Paul Thomas: A reef with lots of interesting small creatures, shallow, 3 meters / 10 feet to max 40 feet, distance; 6 minutes by boat.

Caves of Ferry: A shallow dive between 3 meter / 10 feet and 12 meter / 40 feet with beautiful small caves and marine life, distance; 5 minutes by boat.

The Anchor: A shallow dive rich with corals and an accent anchor depths between 2 meter 6 feet and 15 meter / 45 feet, 12 distance; 12 minutes boat by boat.

Cor’s- and Chantal’s reef: both amazing offshore deep dives, ranging from 21 meter / 65 feet to 40 meter 130 feet, rich with undisturbed marine life as the reefs are far off shore. (more reefs are still to be discovered in this huge area which we occasionally can do with you), distance; 10 minutes by boat.