become a certified diver

We are specialist in scuba diving courses and offer a wide variety of personalized courses from the FFeSSM (French State and Federal CMAS) and PADI which can bring you fast to any level you are interested in, either from novice or seasoned diver.

PADI Diving courses

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)

Requisites: Ability to swim and float unassisted in the ocean, reasonable physical health, PADI Medical Statement and min. 10 years old.

Discover Scuba 

A small introduction with one open water dive in the sea.

Scuba Diver 

The entrance course for people with little time to spare, three open water dives and two theory sessions. This course can be later completed with one dive to the level of Open Water Diver within one year. PADI Scuba Divers are qualified to dive under the direct supervision of an instructor with a maximum depth of 12 meters/40 feet.

Open Water Diver

Consisting of five open water dives and two theory sessions. PADI Open Water Divers are qualified to dive by their own responsibilities to a depth of 18 meters/60 feet. Minimum age is ten, kids between 10 and 14 receive a Junior Open Water certification.

Advanced Open Water Diver 

The course for seasoned divers consisting of a deep, wreck, night, navigation and a digital photo dive. Some dives might be replaced by buoyancy, search and recovery. Minimum age is 14. 

Wrack or Deep Diver 

FFESSM Diving courses

Courses/Stages FFeSSM /CMAS

The FFeSSM is affiliated with the CMAS which means that whatever country you come from with a CMAS Federation certificate you can always upgrade to a higher level. Your local CMAS Federation will acknowledge it. We offer the following Courses from the FFeSSM / CMAS.

PE 12

Three open water dives. To dive to 12 m.

1 Star Diver

Five open water dives

PE 40

Five open water dives. To dive to 40m.

PA 20

Five open water dives. To dive in autonomy to 20 m.

2 Star Diver

Ten open water dives

3 Star Diver GOLD or PA 40

For GOLD, min. 65 open water dives, therefore at least 10 30-40m dives

For PA 40 m, to dive in autonomy to 40 m.