Your dive center in Guadeloupe

We are a small dive center on the beautiful island of Guadeloupe between Deshaies and Pointe Noire. We are able to meet most of your diving needs from your first steps in the underwater world to diving coral reefs, wrecks and night diving for advanced divers.

Reef diving

Join us on beautiful reef dives. We regularly dive at different spots within close reach to our harbor and interesting for all levels of experience. 


Wreck diving

Gustavia, Franjack and Augustin Fresnel are the names of the wonderful wrecks we visit regularly. With different depths, sizes and marine life, you are always up for something new to discover.


Diving education

Never been under water? Let’s change that and make your first steps with us. Already certifed and looking for new experiences – we´ll find the right course for you. We offer PADI and FFeSSM/ CMAS courses.


National Parc

A must see for divers is the famous Reserve Cousteau. A marine national park where Jaques Cousteau shot parts for his first film “The Silent World”.


Meet the Crew

Crew Cor


I created “Les Baillantes Tortues” in 1994. After a long journey from Holland to Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia, Turkey and Egypt, I settled here in the warm and beautiful waters of Guadeloupe. Running, Diving, UW photography and traveling are my passions.

  • Languages: Dutch, English, German, French and Turkish
  • Scuba Instructor: PADI MSDT # 17277
  • Scuba Instructor: CMAS 3* # 194, BEES 1 # 97100ED0014, FFeSSM MF1 # 007579 VDST TL2 # 75459
Crew Chantal


I just happened to follow…

I started divng in 1983 and never stopped after. As soon as I put my head under water, I’m always stunned by the beauty of this world and by the feeling of being free. I love to share my passion and my knowledge. I’m very patient and I like to help people who are anxious. I love night dives and I will be your guide if you want to. I also like filming with the GoPro.

  • Languages: French, English
  • Scuba Instructor: FFESSM, MF1, BEES1, VDTL
  • Divemaster: PADI

Our Dive Resort

We are equipped with a big Coltri compressor and we proudly carry AQUALUNG® dive materials in our program to complete your adventure.

Our steel and aluminium tanks are 12 Liter/80 Cubic Feet with DIN and INT connections.

We have ample space to leave your wet diving gear till the next day. So, like that, you don’t have to store your wet stuff in your accommodation over night. And: We have showers too!

We offer a two tank dive in the morning (meeting 08:00h at the dive club) and by enough request we organize a night dive. We are closed on Saturdays.

Since our dives start early in the morning, we recommend choosing an accommodation close to the dive center. Please keep in mind: the Island might be small but most of the roads are country roads, so even a supposed short distance could be a long journey.

Therefore, it is not possible to dive during a one-day cruise ship shore leave. The distance between the cruise ship harbor and the dive club is too far to be on time in the early morning. 

Our boat – the Ciril One – is comfortable with a big ladder and offers ample space to max. 12 divers. There is a small sunroof and lots of space if you want to work on your tan. The boat is fast, French Coastguard approved and has all the necessary safety devices as VHF, O² and a safety tank.

You can find the Ciril One in the little harbour just a few meters away from our base. So only a few steps have to be made to start a new adventure.

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Guadeloupe Map

The Island

Guadeloupe is fantastic with its rain forest, white and black sand beaches, an active vulcano and a rich  history. Guadeloupes underwater world is fabulous with coral gardens and lots of fish and turtles. The dive conditions are whole year around excellent and reefs are intact.

Most dive places are very novice diver friendly but also advanced divers will find their way. From shallow coral reefs to a drop-off to wrecks, everything is there.Guadeloupe is known as the butterfly island due to its shape and consists of two main islands. The eastern island is called Grande-Terre, the western island Basse-Terre. Smaller islands like Marie-Galante, La Désirade, and the two inhabited Îles des Saintes complete Gwada – the creole name for Guadeloupe.

Travel Information

The archipelago is an overseas department and region of France in the Caribbean and a part of the EU.  So for European citizens a valid passport or ID card is sufficient and no money needs to be changed as the currency is Euro. Most european flights to Point-a-Pitre, the Gwada international airport, take off from Paris. Please note that most flights depart from Paris Orly and you may need to switch airports when Paris is your stop over from another country. Paris to Guadeloupe is an 8 hours trans Atlantic flight.

US citizens need a valid passport. Miami to Guadeloupe is a 3.5 hours flight.

The transfers from the airport to most accommodations around us by car take about an hour, the roads are excellent and well indicated.

From November to March, Guadeloupe has a nearly constant climate of 32 C/90º F and the sea water 28C/82º F. For visits to the volcano (La Soufrière) and the rain forest however we strongly advise you to take good shoes and a light raincoat.

We are open whole year except for the month of August.


We can help you to a list of very nice accommodation, we can only advise you them, they are not in our hands.

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Contact us
+590 690 37 36 17

Port de Péche Baillargent # 264

F-97116 Pointe Noire